Providers meet the Employers sessions

OHPR organise for its Providers to meet a cohort of Employers looking for OH services.

These meetings will be organised throughout the year at various locations throughout the UK. Aproximately 35 Employers attend each meeting with 2-3 OHPR Providers. The Providers are given the opportunity to inform the Employers of their services in a relaxed and informal setting. Employers are given the opportunity to ask specific questions to the Providers to ensure they consider and select the best service provider for their business.


OHPR Provider feedback

"A great session, exactly my target audience"

OHPR Provider feedback

"Really great idea. A room full of genuine business opportunities".

Employer feedback

"Very informative and entertaining, great to listen and learn. I have booked an initial assessment from one of the Providers"

Employer feedback

"Very helpful and interesting. I came away with a very clear vision of my requirements and contacts of 2 Providers who I have arranged a site visit with."

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