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We Go the Extra Mile

Further advice & positive outcomes

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Guidance for Employers

When you apply to OHPR for assistance, you will receive a concise 'Guide to selecting an OH Provider' from within OHPR's register. The guide includes advice on all services and contractual requirements. This will help make your commission more successful for your organisation and Employees.

Hands on Keyboard

We now offer OHPR Provider to Provider services

We now have the facility for OHPR Providers and Employers to contact Providers who offer Associated OH services.
This might be Physiotherapy associated services, Drug & Alcohol testing or any other OH related service.

Market Analysis


Monthly statistics will be published here to include:

  • Update on the Register - who has Registered and an overview of their organisation

  • Update on business developed via the Register - the many success stories where Providers have benefited from new business introductions and Employers have engaged with suitable Providers.

Clapping Audience

OHPR's Inaugral Provider meets the Employers Meeting

Today saw OHPR's inaugral meeting where selected OHPR Providers came face to face with prospective Employers. 2 OHPR Providers presented to an audience of 38 Employers who wanted to learn more about their OH obligations and how the Providers services could assist them.It was a huge success.

We are rolling these meetings out at various UK locations in the next few weeks.

If you are an Employer, H&S Consultant or an OH Provider and would like to be invited to participate in future meetings, please get in touch.